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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Intuit Partner Platform

Imagine a world in a which a small business owner can easily find a range of solutions that exactly meet the specific needs of her business no matter how esoteric. And imagine that these solutions work flawlessly together and with QuickBooks, the leading financial management solution for small businesses. Imagine also that her small business data is available 24/7 from anywhere and any device. In this world, small businesses can now take advantage of tools and technologies previously limited to large enterprises. The resultant efficiencies mean better service for small business customers helping small businesses thrive and help drive economic growth.

This is the vision of the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP). Developers large and small are welcome to become a part of this vibrant ecosystem. As a developer, you can create your small business SaaS application without having to worry about hosting, data sync, billing, authentication, etc. and instead you can focus on creating a great solution. Your solution will even be marketed on the Intuit Marketplace. And if you have already invested in another cloud computing platform, IPP's federation model allows you to leverage its APIs in a secure and seamless fashion.

Come join the party!


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